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Herbal Medicine and Alternative Healing

Show Summary - May 18, 2009

Guest: Jen Ambrose

Sharon introduced her first guest, Jen Ambrose, owner of the Herb Shop in Grants Pass, Oregon. Jen is also an organic farmer and natural healing educator.

In response to Sharon's question, Jen explained that she became interested in natural healing because of health problems beginning when she was six. She suffered from chronic bronchitis, digestive problems and petit mal seizures. Then, as an adult, she learned about homeopathic medicine and especially the benefits of echinacea. She eventually stopped all her medications and undertook to heal herself through nutrition and natural supplements.

Sharon observed that many diseases and disorders are caused by not drinking enough water and by chronic allergies. She also pointed out that since everyone is different, we must all figure out what our specific personal needs are. We could require either much more or much less of a nutrient than another person and we each have our own personal blueprint.

Jen found health through natural supplements, massage therapy, hydrotherapy, soaking and exercise. However, she developed severe dermatitis in the process, possibly because of the amount of toxins that were being expelled through her skin. Eventually, she resolved the problem, mainly through burdock root, and has been healthy for many years.

She observed that when you've been taking a supplement for a long time and then all of sudden forget about it, it could be your body telling you to back off.

Jen and Sharon talked a little about sugar cravings. It was suggested that this could actually be a craving for other things but that your craving system is not usually that specific. Or it could be a craving caused by addiction.

Sharon asked about viral disease mitigation and Jen suggested elderberry, plus several homeopathic remedies to improve the immune system. They agreed that whenever a health crisis is encountered like the current swine flu, you need to check your body's immune system and your personal habits such as sleep, water intake, stress and "personal environmental lifestyle." Avoiding negative energy also helps.

Sharon asked about wild survival foods and Jen specifically mentioning numerous common weeds such as St. John's wort, bachelor button, balsamroot and Oregongrape root. In her own garden, Jen grows collard, mustard greens, leeks, garlic, tomatoes and peppers.

There was some discussion of edible flowers. Jen mentioned Johnny jump-ups, violets and rose petals but cautioned listeners to make sure flowers haven't been exposed to pesticides. For a list of edible flowers, go to

Jen's final words were that we all have weaknesses but that every weakness is an opportunity to know yourself better and obtain wisdom and healing. Jen's company website is

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