Growing Forests Where There Aren't Any

Show Summary - August 10, 2009


Sharon welcomed the listeners and talked about the importance of water in life and life in water. She said that it is imperative for everyone to realize the importance of water, to drink plenty of water and to carry water with them if they are unsure of a water source. Dehydration, or lack of water, is out of control in our world and causes or contributes to ailments from allergies to obesity.

Guest:Jerry Barnes

Jerry Barnes (Cottage Grove, OR), global forest genetics expert. "Tree Propagation and the World's Forests - the New Zealand Model."

Jerry Barnes is a global forestry expert and owner of a company that provides genetically improved conifer seeds worldwide for large-scale reforestation. He noted that forests and water are interdependent and that it is difficult to maintain one without the other.

He has noticed the effects of climate change during his career, but he has also noticed the impact of rapid population growth, urbanization, land development and increasing pollution. As a result, the world's supply of clean fresh water is becoming increasingly scarce and unsustainable.

Jerry advocates genetically improved trees because they grow faster and are more draught resistant. Forests, of course, hold the water, moisturize the air, absorb CO2 and give off oxygen. Planting a forest with improved seed is like reforesting a 40% greater area.

New Zealand is a Temperate Zone island country in the Southern Hemisphere that once had vast acreage of low-elevation barren land that could support forests. With the help of Jerry Barnes, it has become the global source for seed orchards and tree improvement.

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