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Is Global Warming a Manmade or Natural Process?

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December 7, 2009

Is Global Warming a Manmade or Natural Process?

E. Calvin Beisner, PhD (Pembroke Pines, FL), author, speaker and evangelist. "Evaluating the Global Warming Debate."

Dr. Beisner is involved with the Cornwall Alliance, whose purpose is to study Creationism and other aspects of science from a Christian perspective. His primary concern is global warming, with emphasis on the US. He will be a non-governmental guest speaker at the upcoming Copenhagen global warming conference.

His position is that the Earth always experiences cycles and that there is insufficient evidence to support the conclusion that the current warming cycle (if indeed there is a current warming cycle), is mostly or entirely caused by human activities. He further believes that spending trillions on controlling CO2 emissions is gross economic overkill that will harm many developing economies and, in the US, raise taxes and cause economic harm to millions. The US has spent $79 billion on research to prove that global warming in human caused, so the inherent bias is inescapable.

Dr. Beisner follows a world view in which the universe is created by a rational God and possesses infinite order and structure. Humans, in this system, definitely have free choice and the capacity to cause widespread harm by making poor decisions. However, there is not a predetermined "way things ought to be" since the world is constantly evolving and changing.

This Judeo-Christian world view is the basis for all science and scientific method. Originally, the sciences included Theology and Philosophy.

Dr. Beisner also commented on Climate-Gate, involving pirated e-mails from the University of East Anglia, in which there was an apparent admission to doctoring data to make climate change appear more man-caused and exaggerate global warming.