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Dry eye, the global dry air crisis and the study of water

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June 1, 2009

Dry Eye, Dry Air and Dehydration Disease
Crater Lake National Park.

Dry eye, the global dry air crisis and the study of water

Sharon Kleyne

On June 1. 2009, I had two fabulous guests on the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water on World Talk Radio. They were Dr. Marguerite McDonald, a leading ophthalmologist, pioneering refractive surgeon and dry eye expert, and John Salinas, who has done considerable research into water resources at Crater Lake National Park. Crater Lake, of course is the deepest lake in North America and the centerpiece of Oregon's only national park.

Dry eye, dry air, water and Crater Lake National Park
Both guest interviews fit the show's themes of dry air, dry eye, health and the power of water. According to Dr. Marguerite McDonald, dry eye is a dehydration disease of the tear film caused by dry air, global drying and polluted water. Dry eye is becoming a crisis not only worldwide but in the United States. John Salinas' water studies at Crater Lake National Park, about the behavior of the water resource as it moves through the environment, could provide valuable information in the fight against dry eye and environmentally caused dehydration diseases.

Dry eye guests on the Sharon Kleyne Hour
As noted, dry eye is an early symptom of dry air, global drying and dehydration disease. Because The Sharon Kleyne Hour is devoted to dry air, dehydration diseases, water and health; dry eye is a frequent show topic. Dry eye guest experts have included Dr. Marguerite McDonald, Dr. Philip Paden, Dr. Robert Latkany, Dr. Ilene Gipson and others. If left untreated, dry eye can cause corneal ulcers and scarring, eye allergies, eye inflammation, numerous eye diseases and blindness.

The Power of Water.
As a show about the Power of Water, The Sharon Kleyne Hour is concerned with water resources and conservation in our national parks. We have done many shows about bodies of water, water quality, water conservation, global drying and global drought; from the vanishing Aral Sea in Russia to the toxic Yellow River in China.

Life and death issues.
These are life and death issues. Worldwide, 5,000 children die every day of water and dehydration diseases. With rampant severe dry eye in many parts of the world, one person goes blind every five seconds. The United States is not immune to the dry air conditions that cause dry eye and 100 US cities are designated as "dry eye hot spots." Understanding the causes and symptoms of dry eye and dehydration disease, and knowing how to prevent, lessen and cure them, could save your life in the coming decades.

Empower yourself.
What can you do? As I have said many times, be proactive, become involved and discover the countless seemingly small but powerful steps you can personally take to protect yourself and your loved ones. And don't miss a single episode of the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water.

Click here for the full audio of my interview with John Salinas on Crater Lake National Park, and with Dr. Marguerite McDonald
Click here to view the John Salinas interview
Click here to view the Dr Marguerite McDonald Dry Eye Causes Treatment interview

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