Community Projects, Environment and Health (part 2)

Show Summary - July 13, 2009

Guest: Dave Siddon, Jr.

Dave Siddon, Jr. (Merlin, OR), Wildlife Images Rehabilitation and Education Center. "Health of the Community Environment (Part 2)"

Wildlife Images Rehabilitation and Education Center, was founded in 1968 by Dave Siddon, Sr., Dave Jr.'s father. The elder Siddon originally worked with animals for the movies in Burbank, California and later purchased 17 acres on the Applegate River in Josephine County, Oregon, outside Grants Pass. He moved to Oregon because he was discouraged that the environment for wildlife in Southern California had become extremely degraded.

The center is a non-profit organization that takes in and rehabilitates injured animals. Animals are returned to the wild if possible and those that cannot be are kept at the center, which has treated everything from hummingbirds to grizzly bears. The center has rescue vans that pick up injured animals on request. Some resident animals are still used in movie work but the center is largely supported by donations.

Normally, in the wild, an injured animal will die fairly quickly, from lack of medical treatment, inability to obtain food and water, or predation. The justification for rescuing them is that since humans now exert such great control over the environment, it is becoming increasingly difficult for nature to simply "take its course." Having altered the natural environment to such a great extent, we now have a responsibility to protect the organisms that depend on the environment.

Dave believed that his center does important work in connecting people to wildlife and raising awareness of the human impact on the natural environment.

Sharon shared a story about the time a beautiful little screech owl got into her company's offices and they called Wildlife Images, who came out and caught it in a net, then let it go in the yard.

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