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Aging, Health and Water.

Show Summary - January 26, 2009


Sharon welcomed the listeners and talked about the importance of water in life and life in water. She said that it is imperative for everyone to realize the importance of water, to drink plenty of water and to carry water with them if they are unsure of a water source. Dehydration, or lack of water, is out of control in our world and causes or contributes to ailments from allergies to obesity.

Guest: Nancy Coleman, RN

Nancy Coleman, RN (Grants Pass, OR), Senior Citizen Lifestyle Consultant

Nancy Yonally-Coleman is a longtime friend of Sharon's. She is a Registered Nurse who used to head the local county health department (Josephine County, Oregon) and also directed a local nursing home for several years. She states emphatically that she totally agrees with Sharon's message about water and health and always has.

Sharon asked if Nancy thought that people take the need for water seriously enough. Nancy estimates that perhaps 10% of those who attend her wellness seminars have incorporated water into their lifestyle and daily health program. 90% didn't really grasp the need for water and consider coffee, tea, juice and soda-pop as adequate substitutes, which they are not.

Sharon and Nancy discussed recent articles stating that obesity may be caused by a virus (Here is an article about the obesity virus: They both expressed the belief that dehydration - not enough water - contributes to viral infections Sharon has a friend who lost 100 pounds without dieting merely by increasing his water intake (but you can also drink too much water, which can cause you to lose potassium and calcium).

Sharon pointed out that the body is 70% water and cells are 90% water. If you are going to be environmentally aware, she suggested, you should start by taking care of your internal environment, especially the water.

Nancy compared drinking enough water to quitting smoking (increasing your water intake can cut down on cigarette cravings). She said that any successful health program should have three components:

  • Conscious choice and resolve.
  • An awareness of the benefits (education/knowledge).
  • An implementation plan (including a personal log).
  • The benefits of increasing your water intake include clearer thinking, more energy, better immune defense and much more.

    Nancy noted that some hospitals now give medications with juice or Kool-aid rather than with water, even though the label on the medicine almost always says, "take with water" (and the more the better). Water also facilitates digestion.

    Nancy has observed that if you are chronically deprived of sufficient water, your craving for it will eventually diminish. Once you start drinking enough water, your thirst reflex should return.

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