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Sharon Kleyne Hour - Power of Water

Radio Talk Show - Water, Health, Environment, Dehydration, Dry Air, Dry Eye

Sharon Kleyne -  researcher, lecturer, author,  entrepreneur

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RESEARCH IS DISCOVERING that Earth has a water crisis! Changes in the environment, climate and weather can cause dry air, dry eye, dry skin, dehydration, allergies, many diseases and blindness not to mention water wars and lack of economic development.

I invite you to listen to the SHARON KLEYNE HOUR each week (live or in archive), as my guests and I explore the many aspects of this life-or-death crisis that impacts everyone.

EXPLORE WITH US: Air and Water and Pollution * Allergies, Disease and Dehydration * Climate Change and Dry Air * Dry Eye * Dry Skin * Environment * Fresh Water * Global Water Crisis * Green Lifestyle * Healthy Water * Hydration and Moisturizing * Oceans * Proactive Empowerment * Tear Film * Natural Health * Sanitation * Water Conservation * Global Water Politics and Water Wars * Water, Diet and Nutrition * Watershed Management * Threat to Wildlife *

Natures Tears EyeMist - safe for all ages Things to think about:
* Do I drink enough water? [answer]
* What could happen to my health if I don't? [answer]
* Is my hometown a "Dry Eye Hot Spot"? [answer]
* Why is water the world's #1 geopolitical issue? [answer]
* How many children are dying due to lack of safe water? [answer]
* Is the air we breathe really drying out? [answer]
* Why isn't water listed on the official "Food Pyramid"? [answer]
* What can I do globally? [answer]
* How can I be proactive and help myself? [answer]
* Recent SKH guests [answer]
Embrace your life and I'll see you every Monday.
Be well, SHARON

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Do I drink enough water?
Sixty-percent of your body is water and water is essential to life and health. Estimates on daily water needs range from 64 ounces (eight glasses x eight ounces) to half your body weight in ounces, to considerably more. 80% should be pure water, not coffee, soda or juice. There are no official estimates on the percentage of the US population who don't drink enough water but it probably exceeds 50%.

What could happen to my health if I don't?
Water and dehydration related diseases include dry skin, dry eyes, itching and burning eyes, dry mouth, lack of energy, headache, fatigue, eye strain and bright yellow urine. These natural symptoms could lead to serious diseases such as corneal ulcers, glaucoma, acne, dermatitis; skin, eye and mouth cancers; sunburn, increased viral and bacterial susceptibility, diarrhea and cholera.

Is my hometown a "Dry Eye Hot Spot"?
According to [], the top 10 US cities where climate and pollution create a high risk for dry eye syndrome, are (1) Las Vegas, (2) Lubbock, (3) El Paso, (4) Midland/Odessa, (5) Dallas/Fort Worth, (6) Atlanta, (7) Salt Lake City, (8) Phoenix, (9) Amarillo, (10) Honolulu.

Why is water the world's #1 geopolitical issue?
1.6 billion of Earth's 6.7 billion people lack reliable access to safe water. In many countries, water and dehydration diseases are the #1 cause of blindness, premature death and child mortality. Water issues can prevent education and economic development. According to Steve Solomon [Link], author of Water Wars, "water in the 21st century will be as critical as oil was in the 20th Century."

How many children die each year due to lack of safe water?
Over 8 million children under five die each year, about half from water related causes [source:]. Hardest hit are the poor areas of Africa, Asia, Central and South America. No nation is safe, however. There are severe water shortages, water wars and large areas of poor sanitation in the Middle East, the US southwest, California and many other places.

Is the air we breathe really drying out?
Global warming, in many places, equals global drying, with longer, more frequent and more severe droughts. Desertification is a major issue in China, Africa, South America, North America and Australia. There was a time when the air supplied all the moisture and humidity your eyes, skin and lungs required. But there is growing evidence that dry air, dry eyes and dry skin are becoming major global health crisis.

Why isn't "water" listed on the official "Food Pyramid"?
The official United States Government "Food Pyramid" does not recommend a single glass of water! The reason is unknown. This underscores the life saving importance of educating yourself with an open mind and taking proactive steps to protect yourself and your loved ones.

What can I do globally?
Educate yourself on issues such as dry eye and become involved with any of the numerous water charities and growing number of people and organizations determined to do something about this. Start by becoming a regular listener to the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water on World Talk Radio.

How can I be proactive and help myself?
Despite the growing global water and dry air crisis, Sharon Kleyne strongly believes that each of us has the power, with education, to proactively protect our own natural health. This means that despite the bad news, there are ways to help ourselves and our loved ones. Again, start by becoming a regular listener to the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water on World Talk Radio.

Recent SKH guests
Sharon's 300 past guests include a Nobel Prize winner, a global climate expert from NASA, a water resources specialist from the UN, representative scientists from World Water Week in Stockholm; environment, water and global charity activists; TV and radio personalities, and best selling authors, on water, health, the environment, dry air, dehydration, dry eye and climate change; and guests in the US, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Kenya, Rome, China, New Zealand and Thailand.

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